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Season 4, Episode 15: Dr. Stephen C. Price


Release: 1/17/24 at 11amEST

Coming soon....


Midwest 2023:

Community Building: Meet Them Where They Are (RECORDING)


Release: 1/10/24 at 11amEST

“Community Building: Meet Them Where They Are” was a panel discussion hosted by Relative Pitch Podcast (Anthony Morris, Lorin Green, and Michael Brown) with panelists Dr. Catherine Bushman, Dr. Kelvin Jones, Dr. Jack Eaddy, and Professor Ashley Crawford, AKA “Flute Bae" at the 2023 Midwest Band and Orchestra Conference. 


Relative Pitch leads a discussion centering on how to build community within the classroom and how important the community is to the identity and integrity of a school and program.


Season 4, Episode 14: Genuine Influence w/ Mike Lebrias


Release: 12/13/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, University of Texax-Austin Doctorate of Musical Arts, Wind Performance candidate Mike Lebrias also known as @broitsmiike join us for a conversation on balance as a grad student, knowing who you are outside of music, and finding cultural identity.


Season 4, Episode 13: What Can I Get Out Of It? w/Shantanique Moore


Release: 12/6/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, Acting Principal Flute with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra Shantanique Moore reflects on her journey as an orchestral flutist, her work and experience with SPHINX and how that has helped her career, and the truth behind diversity fellowships.


Season 4, Episode 12: Be The Change w/ Dr. Luke Spence


Release: 11/29/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, Dr. Luke Spence, Visiting Professor of Trumpet at the SUNY Potsdam School of Music Crane School of Music and founding Board member of the International Pride Orchestra joins us for a conversation on Trumpet culture, gender roles in music, and vulnerability and comfort within music making.


More on Luke at


Season 4, Episode 11: I'd Rather be in Rehearsal w/ Kedrick Armstrong


Release: 11/15/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, Kedrick Armstrong joins us for a conversation on how performance anxiety put him on the podium, his start in the church, and how he programs authentic and diverse programs.


More on Kedrick at


Season 4, Episode 10: Triple Threat w/ Dr. Chloe Swindler


Release: 11/8/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, Dr. Chloe Swindler joins us for a conversation on her educational journey, research endeavors, and how her identity has affected her as an artist. More on Chloe at


Season 4, Episode 9: Let's Just Be Present w/ Dr. Janet Song Kim


Release: 10/25/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, Dr. Janet Song Kim joins us for a conversation on being grateful for the presence of your students, how quality is brought up in conversations surrounding diversity, and when being stubborn is a good thing.


Season 4, Episode 8: Act Locally,

Think Globally

w/Monica Ellis


Release: 10/18/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, we chat with THEE Monica Ellis, Bassoonist and Executive Director of THEE Grammy Nominated Imani Winds. We talk about trust, the importance of location, and how Imani Winds has become the iconic ensemble that it is now.


More on Imani Winds and Monica at


Season 4, Episode 7: The Kids Are Not Alright


Release: 10/11/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, we chat about how much students are facing these days, and how important it is to remember that they are doing their best despite all the situations occurring around them and even in their homes.

Season 4, Episode 6: Open Up the Door w/Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis


Release: 10/4/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis associate professor of music, specializing in music education at Georgia College and State University joins us for a conversation on accessibility within music education and her experience learning to play a one-handed clarinet.


More on Dr. Holmes-Davis at


Other links:

Season 4, Episode 5: Foot on The Gas Pedal w/Stanford Thompson


Release: 9/27/23 at 11amEST

In this week's episode, Stanford Thompson, Founder of Play on Philly and Executive Director of Equity Arc, joins us for a conversation on his upbringing in Georgia with a musical family, his extensive work within his communities, and how to be fulfilled and remain genuine to yourself within your career.


More on Stanford at

Season 4, Episode 4: What do YOU Want?


Release: 9/19/23 at 11amEST

In this episode, we talk about learning how to believe in what you want despite what others want from you as well as forming genuine connections.


Season 4, Episode 3: Honor Yourself w/Adam Sadberry


Release: 9/13/23 at 11amEST

This week, flutist and educator Adam Sadberry joins us for a conversation on putting Humanity over the music, the pipeline issue within the Orchestral field, and knowing when to leave.


Learn more about Adam:

Agency vs. Responsibility.png

Season 4, Episode 2: Agency vs. Responsibility

Release: 9/6/23 at 11amEST

In this episode, we chat about buzz words flooding public education, competition in music, and valuing process over reward.

Season 4, Episode 1: Checks and Balances


Release: 8/30/23 at 11amEST

In the first episode of season 4, we catch up on what we've been up to during the summer and speak on the double-edged sword of the tenure process.

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